Solar energy, which has been used all over the world for a long time but has been given more attention in recent years with the decrease of energy sources, is trying to be more efficient with YOU TYPE SOLAR ENERGY WATER HEATS and thermal power systems. This energy system, which also makes international land investments, enables energy production without harming the environment and helps to produce electricity, water and other matters by spending less money.

These solar panels used for hot water production in the first place were transformed into electricity and energy production with the development of technology. Great countries in the world, this field began to compete with each other. In addition to this, instead of building nuclear power plants to generate energy, they have been trading with renewable energy sources without polluting the air

Solar Energy Systems

Due to the panel-like shape of the floristry, the solar energy system, which is known as YOU TYPE SOLAR ENERGY WATER HEATERS, is used in the production of hot water and energy. With the panels on the system, it can collect hot water from a single center and have hot water storage feature. Low power, medium power and high power are available in this system, and special power systems can be used for thermal and electrical applications.

This panel, which is one of the most known solar energy systems in our country, works as a closed system. At the same time, open systems with solar panels have also begun to be used. In solar collectors water heating and power production panels, collectors that store solar energy in an area, hot water pipes and pumps. Thus, more efficient and quality energy and water production is provided. It can also be used to heat the waters in the pools at the same time.

Regarding solar energy water heating work, we can also say that energy applications vary according to panel structures. Of course, circulating systems are among these. The fluid spontaneously circulates in this system. Waters that warm up in collectors rise in this system. In these systems, the reservoir is located at the top of the collector. The cold water gets warmer from the collectors and advances. This allows the water in the whole panel to warm up.

  Another system is pumped solar energy. The heat transfer flow is circulated by the pump. This system is not preferred in recent periods. Due to the appearance not to be very aesthetic and to have a bulky structure, solar panels which no longer have a pump are preferred. Here, the solar energy transmits heat transfer onto any fluid.